The Strategy Behind Google’s Most Expensive Acquisitions

Google has acquired over 170 businesses since their launch in 1998 and are still continuing to to this very day. Their top 10 most expensive acquisitions have amounted to over $24.5 billion with more buyouts in the horizon.

But with so many money spent, do we actually know the strategy behind all these acquisitions. We take a look at the top 10 most expensive acquisitions and why Google bought them.

Saving Money on your Home

If you constantly find yourself lost for change while trying to keep on top of costly household expenses, you might be surprised to know that there are lots of little things around your very own home that you can do to reduce your monthly costs. Have a look at our infographic called, Saving Money In The Home, which will give you hints and tips for things you can do to save a considerable amount and won’t leave you burrowing behind the couch for change. You’ll be wishing you’d been doing these things all along!

Most Expensive Homes in America

Have you ever wondered what makes up the most expensive homes in the United States? This infographic displays 10 of the most luxurious residences. From nightclubs to private islands; hiking trails to private beaches, here is everything to know about what’s worth up to $190,000,000.


Spend It Like Beckham have a look at the world of football from a financial perspective. Which club brings in the most money? Who are the wealthiest players? What are the largest transfer fees of all time? Who are the most expensive players accumulatively and which clubs are most in the red? Take a gander to find out the answers to these questions:

What Exactly is Money and Why Do We Value it?

What exactly is money and why do we value it?

» Have you ever thought about where money comes from and why it is so valuable?

» Do you know the history of money and how we bought things before we had money?

» Do you know why money made of paper?

BuddyLoans 1st infographic looks into detail on exactly what money is. Enjoy it & please share it

Swiss Bank Account: A Look into Elite Banking

It is estimated that Swiss banks hold $2.2 trillion USD of the world’s money within their vaults. From vault safeguarding to an extra thorough admittance process, these secretive banks continue to be the keeper’s of the money of the elite. In the following infographic, we’re providing a detailed overview of Swiss bank accounts. We’ll start by highlight the differences between private banking (did you know that an individual must have a minimum $300,000 USD deposit to open an account?) and retail banking (also known as Switzerland’s traditional mass-market banking system). Next, we’ll outline how Swiss banks work to maintain high security and privacy by detailing common contract and physical vault security practices. Finally, we’ll end by discussing which countries are allowed to open Swiss bank accounts and which ones aren’t, and wrap things up by listing the top alleged black money clients of Swiss banks.

Top 10 Biggest Blockbusters Of All Time

Have you ever been curious as to which films have made the most money? The highest grossing films of ALL TIME! Well… we’re here to help. We have created a handy infographic showing the highest grossing films, their titles, the year they were released and the amount they made.