Comparing 25 IT CVs in 1990 to 25 in 2014

This infographic – comparing the differences in CVs/résumés across 25 years in the IT industy in the UK – is no ordinary infographic. You’ll see that the main infographic itself is really text-light- this was done on purpose, as we wanted to try something different… What we also did was to ‘dissect’ the infographic, i.e. publishing each section as a standalone image with supporting text underneath each image/section, giving our findings. The ‘dissected’ version can be seen by visiting the source URL.

Social Recruiting: 101

In this infographic, explores the concept of social recruiting in the MENA, as well as its benefits for both employers and job seekers.

Social recruiting is the latest trend in hiring. It’s a great way to get to know a candidate beyond a traditional CV in order to make better hiring decisions. social platforms – such as Specialties, Company Profile and Public Profile – play a major role in this regard.

The Worlds Most Dangerous and Unusual Careers

Would you dare to plunge hundreds of feet into the bitter cold ocean, toy with man’s wildest predators or soar high into the air from a canon, all in the name of work? There are some people who do.

Croftons have searched far and wide, to find the most unusual and dangerous careers from around the globe and the perils that these workers face every day. We have looked into the obviously dangerous jobs, such as stunt men and fire fighters, as well as some of the more surprising ones, such as window cleaners and landscapers. After much deliberation, the finalists were found and you can see who made the shortlist in our infographic below.

The evolution of the interview process

Randstad, the hiring business, has unveiled the next infographic concerning the evolution of the interview process. The information is gathered from exploration Randstad has been doing among its clients. In conclusion, British individuals are investing 14 days more to acquire a new position than 5 years ago.

The Job Round Up

Our Job Round Up Infographics displays an awful lot of intriguing, unusual and simply weird facts and stats related to the type of jobs people have. The figures display the greatest and most hated jobs; they also highlight subjects such as life threatening or wealthy jobs available at this current moment.

Common lies told by jobseekers

A recent survey found that 40% of candidates admitted to stretching the truth look impressive during an interview. It can be easy to get carried away when you really want a job but honesty is always the best policy and in the long run it will only do more damage than good. Below are the full results of the survey and also a few famous examples where people have been caught out.

What Happens to the Grads you Hire?

We asked nearly 3,000 former graduates about their careers since they joined the workforce, to find out what truly happens to grads after the leave college. This data was paired with a decade of archived psychometric test results to give us a massive pool of results – we believe it’s the largest study of its kind in Australia.