5 Scariest Data Breaches of All Time

You’ve probably heard about the Target data breach that compromised millions of customers’ credit card numbers and personal information in 2013. You’ve probably also heard about the recent Home Depot data breach. But you might be surprised to find out that neither of those breaches are the largest in recent history.

In honor of Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 Scariest Data Breaches of all time based on the number of people affected and the cost to the company responsible for the breach.

Low Cost Security For High Risk Student Flats

Think that because you’re a poor student with an overdraft creeping towards it’s limit that a burglar won’t rob your flat. Think again!

Burglars are actually quite fond of student flats because they are easy targets for lazy thieves. Student flats typically have low security and several occupants with at least a few things worth stealing like laptops, clothes and ipods.

Check out our infographic and learn how out to make your flat less attractive to burglars by improving your home security on the cheap!

This infographic covers
– Insurance
– Laptop security
– Window security
– Door security

An infographic on bodyguards of the rich and famous

This helpful info graphic created by Ayers Contractor Management Services is a guide to drawing up and writing contracts. Most of us in our lives will have to sign some form of a contact, whether it be a contract of employment or a lease on a property. It is important to know what you are signing or if you are the one writing the contract it is equally important to know what needs to be included in a contract.

Shining a Spotlight on Home Security

Even if you live in a low crime area, there is still a chance you could be targeted by a burglar. Knowing how a burglar thinks and what tactics they employ will give you a better understanding of how to improve your home security. Check out this infographic for statistics and advice.

How the US is spying on its citizens

From the Bill of Rights to Edward Snowden, there has always been a battle between the right to privacy and the prying eyes of the government. Should privacy be compromised for security, or security for privacy? Following are some key events that took us from the Fourth Amendment to Prism.