Skype Celebrates a Decade of Meaningful Conversations

For the last 10 years, Skype has been bringing together people all across the world. From the top of Mt. Everest to the bottom of the sea, Skype is bringing people closer to share stories and knowledge.
Check out this infographic to see some of the ways that Skype is helping to change the world through video communication.

The Global VoIP Revolution

Realizing the importance of social and digital media in catalyzing brand equity and market penetration, we’ve created an interesting infographic that deals with different phases of the VoIP industry, and how they have evolved over the years.

Starting with a historic timeline, we highlight the current state of mobile subscriber bases across core regions of the world, finishing at what the future holds for VoIP. The data has been taken from statistics provided by the International Telecommunications Union 2011 database, as well as leading research analysis firms.

We hope that you can further spread the infographic through your site/network and help promote knowledge about the sector through an interactive method.

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