Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet / 2014

This is a social media sizing cheat sheet and we find it very useful here at infinpixels. There are many other sizing cheat sheets on the web but as a designer we find most of them very complicated. So we decided to create a clean and a plain version which we can find most used sizes easily when we need it!


Internet Marketing Statistics You Can’t Ignore

In this day and age, traditional forms of advertising are quickly becoming obsolete. In research done by Nielson, Internet advertising has been outgrowing traditional forms like television, radio, magazines, and newspaper. It is projected to take up a quarter of the advertising share by 2015.

When the average person is exposed to 3,000 advertising messages a day, you want to make sure that your advertising vehicle will get you to the target that you want. The Internet’s ease of access has created a large search gateway for customer’s needing your product or service. Upon balancing the prices of Internet advertising with its benefits, it’s easy to see why this is not a market to ignore.