LinkedIn – build your professional network

The devil’s always in the details, and getting the seemingly little things done on your LinkedIn profile is one of those little things that pays off bigtime. Find out what you can do today to make your profile not only more visible, but also a lot more attractive to potential business contacts or employers.

Why enterprise social networks fail (and what you can do about it)

Internal social networks like Yammer and Jive are rising in popularity. In some organisations they are replacing intranets and email. A less known fact is that in most companies enterprise social networks fail to take root. One key reason for this is lack of support from senior management. Without their support old practices that hinder the social revolution will be too hard to change. Staff will end up sitting on the fence about the new tool. It’s not enough that someone in internal communications says that this is the tool to use.

If you want to convince your senior executives that your organisation can benefit from a social network you might have to use several approaches. The impressive statistics about increased productivity that enterprise social spokespeople offer are rarely enough. This infographic gives you tips on how you can secure buy-in from your leaders so you can then focus on getting buy-in from employees (which will the topic of the next infographic from Virpi at

Behind The Facebook Like Button

The Facebook like button, used on 20% of the worlds web pages, can be seen on over 125,000,000 websites across the globe. This infograph does a great job of visualizing interesting data and facts about the world’s most popular website widget.