The Types of Social Interactions Businesses Might Encounter

Word of mouth may still be one of the best methods to get business, but in our age of social media the types of social interactions that businesses may encounter has completely changed. One person used to be restricted to sharing a bad experience they may have had with your company to several people at a time, today that same person has the ability to share with millions in an instant. With changes this big a business has to learn to respond to these social interactions to stay ahead of the game. The University of Ohio’s online MBA program have created the following infographic to share several examples, statistics, and the dos and don’ts associated with responding to your consumers appropriately.

IT And The Internet: The Last 30 Years

The internet has come a long way in the last 30 years. Remember, we can now order pizza : ) directly from our computers and mobile devices.
To celebrate the miracle of the internet led revolution we decided to create an infographic detailing the major breakthroughs since 1984 and up to now.

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As technology continues to grow, so will the opportunities to enter the health informatics field. Health informatics is the convergence of healthcare and technology. They assist in providing patient security with electronic records, maintaining equipment and providing higher quality care.

Direct Mail and Augmented Reality

AR stands for augmented reality and is a brand new technology that tech-savvy businesses are incorporating into their direct mail campaigns. Basically it allows brands to share 3d images of their products via consumers’ smartphones. Find out more about the technology and how it can be used with direct mail by viewing this infographic by Baker Goodchild.


Direct Mail and QR Codes

PURLs (personalised URLs) allow you to provide customers with personalised recommendations and offers and are the key to driving conversions from your direct mail marketing campaigns. Add a QR code into the mix and you’ll be well on your way to driving increased traffic and sales. For more information on integrating QR codes and PURLs with direct mail, see this infographic by Baker Goodchild.

Technology and Direct Mail

Near field communication is a hot new trend that has the potential to revolutionise the direct mail marketing sector. Basically it involves embedding a chip into direct mail materials that creates a wireless connection between itself and mobile devices in close proximity. This allows users to instantly view additional content and special offers from a brand. Find out more about how you can integrate NFC and other hot new technologies with your direct mail marketing campaigns by viewing the Baker Goodchild infographic.


Facebook vs Snapchat

This info-graphic compares two well known social networks, Snapchat and Facebook. One is just over 10 years old while the other is still in its infancy. Both are successful but Snapchat is yet to turn a profit.

Quirky Working from Home

The truth behind working from home: a third of people admit they work in their pyjamas and take conference calls naked. The study, which questioned 1,000 UK employees, was commissioned to help better understand the technological and operational challenges faced by businesses when it came to remote and mobile working.