Keeping Up with the Times: Trends That are Changing the Way Brands Market to Consumers

This infographic discusses how marketing has changed since the introduction of smartphones and social media platforms. IBM publicly released the first smartphone (IBM Simon Personal Communicator) in 1994; as of today, 20-30% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. Further, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have all seen a prominent rise in usage, and as such, marketers have shifted from printed media to content creation for use with these platforms.

Prior to 2012, Google’s keywords and other search parameters were public knowledge, which made a marketer’s job easier in regards to reaching their target audience. However, since 2012, Google has since made this information private, which put pressure on marketers to research trends in a different way.

As for today, other applications such as Vine and Instagram have risen in prominence, and have become huge platforms for content sharing. Marketers have recognized this trend, and have shifted their attention to short-form videos, which are 4 times more likely to get shared than any other video.

Future predictions on the future of marketing are provided, as well.

State of Cloud Computing in the Enterprise

“Nobody understands the cloud,” said Jason Segal’s character in a recent movie. Thankfully for enterprises that is not the case for IT decision-makers.

In a recent cloud computing survey, IT decision-makers shared with IDG Enterprise the state of cloud adoption within their enterprise and the goals driving future cloud adoption. Check out this infographic to learn about the goals for cloud investments, benefits of cloud adoption, top considerations when selecting cloud vendors and more.

10 Travel Problems Solved By Technology

Often when you go traveling there are a small handful of common holiday problems that try their best to reek havoc, given the opportunity. We have taken 10 of the most common travel problems and found a solution to each of them using 10 incredibly useful apps and pieces of technology, designed to make your holiday all the more enjoyable.

Tech Cold War: Facebook vs. Google

Giant tech mavericks Facebook and Google are at war. They are ferociously vying for YOUR attention! Their weapons of ensnarement are apps, social media platforms, gadgets, and ads. While they both spend billions on innovations and top-notch talent, their strategies for rising to the top are different. This infographic delves into the timeline of Facebook and Google’s battle for digital domination.

10 Cool Ways To Use PDFs

The portable document format (you know it as PDF) has been around for years and can be used in hundreds of dierent ways by people in virtually any industry. Here are our favorite tips and tricks for using PDFs to your advantage.

Become The BDR Superhero Your Clients Need!

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) lies at the center of any modern MSP’s services portfolio, but another critical and growing opportunity is arguably as important – Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR).

BDR is the planning and implementation of policies and technologies designed to minimize downtime, and expedite backup and recovery processes in the event of a disaster or hardware failure. And while many businesses understand the need to maintain effective backups, many don’t realize just how damaging a subpar BDR strategy can be.

To help clear up the confusion around the importance of BDR, essential features, and best practices, we’ve created a fun and informative infographic that’s designed to help you become the BDR superhero your clients need!

Cloud in the Workspace

Backupify is one of our clients who has created an infographic that I’m interested in getting published on your website. This infographic is titled “Cloud in the Workplace” and discusses how using the cloud to backup your data can be beneficial in the workplace. Please let me know if this is of interest to you.