Keeping Up with the Times: Trends That are Changing the Way Brands Market to Consumers

This infographic discusses how marketing has changed since the introduction of smartphones and social media platforms. IBM publicly released the first smartphone (IBM Simon Personal Communicator) in 1994; as of today, 20-30% of web traffic comes from mobile phones. Further, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have all seen a prominent rise in usage, and as such, marketers have shifted from printed media to content creation for use with these platforms.

Prior to 2012, Google’s keywords and other search parameters were public knowledge, which made a marketer’s job easier in regards to reaching their target audience. However, since 2012, Google has since made this information private, which put pressure on marketers to research trends in a different way.

As for today, other applications such as Vine and Instagram have risen in prominence, and have become huge platforms for content sharing. Marketers have recognized this trend, and have shifted their attention to short-form videos, which are 4 times more likely to get shared than any other video.

Future predictions on the future of marketing are provided, as well.

15 Ways to Get More Youtube Video Views

If you are active online there is no doubt that you have spent countless hours browsing through funny cat videos or hilarious news bloopers on YouTube. But have you ever wondered how these videos got so many views? Obviously the first thing that you will want to focus on is producing high-quality and entertaining content. You can put in countless hours of promotion on an uninteresting video and you will still get nowhere, create something that people actually want to watch. Something many users often overlook is how powerful annotations can be. Annotations are simply the small text bubbles that appear on people’s videos that encourage users to do things like thumbs-up or subscribe to that channel. There are countless tips that you can follow to help increase your overall exposure. The infographic below created by RealViews4U explains how to gain more YouTube Views naturally by optimizing your content.

The Social Media War

Social interaction is a part of human nature, but with busy lives or distance sometimes separating friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues, social networks are filling a need globally. While there are some leaders in social media, there are dozens of networks filling various categories and needs, all fighting for attention.

How the Internet has Rocked the Music Industry

The Internet has undoubtedly ripped the price tag off of music. In seconds, web surfers can access millions of song on places like YouTube and Spotify.
Free music is even available at our disposal on our smart phones. With all these freebies, have people stopped paying for music? The numbers say yes.

5 easy steps to become a youtube partner

If you read this infographic you will be able to follow 5 easy steps to become a youtube partner very quickly. The infographic is very easy to read and you can follow the steps very quickly! I become a youtube partner following this tutorial!