The Danger of Glasses

In the UK, 63% of adults wear glasses, while only 8% of the population wears contact lenses – that’s around four million people. Considering the number of problems that glasses can cause, this is perhaps something of a surprise.

Anyone who has to wear glasses will tell you that there are a few things they hinder you in doing, be it playing sport, really letting yourself go on a night out, or even trying to be intimate with a fellow glasses-wearing loved one, and now the results of the survey reveal all.

The results show that of the 196 people surveyed, only 10% think their specs ruin the romantic mood and 31% struggle with them in wet weather.
(Remember – it’s not just being out in the rain where they’re an issue– even when you get indoors, they’ll steam up leaving you fogged up and sightless!)

As it turns out, the top trouble specs-wearers suffer is in fact that their glasses are “suicidal on a treadmill,” and generally a bit of a pain for trying to play sport, with 45% saying this. Not only do they steam up as you’re working up a sweat, they’ll also bounce around and generally make a nuisance of themselves! Not all that helpful when you’re trying to banish the Christmas pounds!

With bespoke illustrations created by information design agency infogr8, this visual reveals just a few of the ways in which glasses wearers can suffer. The solution to ease the glasses wearing pain: cut loose and get over to



May 29th, 2013 comments Food & Health Infographics

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