What Makes A Travel Writer

Are you bored with your mundane job and feeling suffocated by your necktie and cramped cubicle? Does your professional life need some excitement and adventure? Do you find yourself frequently fantasizing about the sights, smells, and life-changing experiences you could find in exotic foreign locations? If so, it might be time to load up your backpack, charge your laptop, and embark on a new career as a travel writer!
But before you rush off to the airport, take a moment to look over this infographic about the tools, gadgets, and web resources that have helped some of the world’s top travel writers achieve success. It will point you in the direction of the best websites, the top blog platforms, and the tech gadgets you’ll need out there on the road. It also gives insights into the reasons travel writers love Siem Reap and Paris, prefer WordPress over Tumblr, and say that CouchSurfing.com is their best friend in the online world.

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