Zombies Vs. Door to Door Storage

The world has ended. The Zombie apocalypse has finally begun, and you’re getting a chance to put all of your Walking Dead knowledge to good use. As you’re trekking along a deserted highway, you come across a truck full of Door to Door portable storage containers, and a thought pops into your head…I bet I could put these containers to good use if I get a bit creative.

This infographic showcases 10 creative ideas for using portable moving and storage containers in the event of a zombie apocalypse. From Zombie traps and emergency bunkers to spike pits and people movers. In the event of a zombie apocalypse, portable storage containers could literally save your life.

Built by the team at Door to Door Storage, this infographic will open your eyes to a whole new set of options for moving containers in the event the world comes to a shambling, brain eating end.

As part of this infographic launch, Door to Door is running a contest on its Facebook page giving away tickets to the upcoming release of World War Z, a whole different kind of zombie movie. Just hop on over to Facebook and submit your most creative idea for how to use a storage container in the event of a zombie takeover, and you could win tickets to see World War Z!

Via: www.doortodoor.com


July 25th, 2013 comments General Infographics

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