The History of Solar Energy

The sun offers an amazing source of power, putting out 3.8 x 1026 watts. At its upper atmosphere, the Earth takes in about 174 petawatts of solar radiation, reflecting about 30% back out into space. Humans have been trying to harness this energy into a usable source of power since ancient times. Check out the interesting history of solar energy below in this infographic.

Myths & Facts About Solar Energy

With over 1.2 billion people in the world living off the grid, without access to electricity, it is imperative that we help them make the switch to solar. The majority of these people resort to kerosene lamps to get the light they need, however this is a dangerous and costly alternative. With more and more people getting injured by burns from these lamps everyday, not to mention breathing in the toxic fumes (equivalent to smoking 6 packs of cigarettes a day), solar power is a necessity for them.

Many people are hesitant about solar because they think it is too expensive, or won’t work well. Learn the truth about solar energy in this infographic and share it with your friends and family!

Going Green in the MENA Workplace

In this Infographic and press release, explores the extent to which companies and professionals in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region are aware of environmental issues affecting their lives and whether they’re adopting green practices.


When a Hurricane Strikes

Hurricanes cause millions of dollars in damage and take many lives every year. The Atlantic hurricane season starts in early June and goes all the way through November with several severe storms occurring every year. The statistics on some of these storms are staggering and show how damaging and deadly hurricanes can be.

Doggie Doings And The Environment

We in the UK are nation of dog lovers, there are over 8.5 million dogs in the UK. All those dogs can have a big impact on the environment, producing in excess of 1,000 tonnes of dog waste per day.

Not only is there an impact on the environment but a there is a financial one too. Local authorities in the UK are spending £22m per year encouraging us to clear up after our doggies.

It’s not just the right thing to do you can be fined up to £1000 for not clearing it up!

50 Incredible Facts About Water Infographic

Our 50 Incredible Facts About Water Infographic communicates our passion for pure water and the environment. It features 50 incredible facts about water and takes you on a journey from outer space into the average home in the UK. It covers everything from rainfall in Scotland to the International Space Station, from a Sunday Newspaper to Martian dirt.

The infographic was designed by Jessica Webb, a designer based in the UK, for Aquatec – the Pure Water People as a teaching tool and shareable resource.

Illegal Fishing Methods and Effects

llegal fishing and causing harm to sea life is a serious matter and the dangerous truth about it has been steadily rising to the surface in recent news stories. We have researched some of the most shocking facts surrounding this topic to open up your eyes about taking oceans, lakes, rivers and its inhabitants for granted.