The Science Behind Happiness

Everybody wants to be and feel happy but did you know that how happy you feel all starts with six tiny molecules found in your brain? From Oxytocin, the love molecule, to Adrenaline, the energy molecule, this infographic breaks down what exactly each of these molecules are and how they affect you and your state of happiness. This helpful infographic from the folks at Jazzercise even includes actions you can take to give certain chemicals a boost. So if you’re low on endorphins, smell some vanilla, throw on some music and exercise, and you should feel those endorphins in no time!

Psychology of the Work

Psychology of the office space.

Office spaces have changed dramatically throughout time. Not only is the office expanding and changing, but the employees are benefiting from rethinking their workspaces.

Companies like Mozilla, Facebook, and Google are drastically reevaluating how the office should feel and function. This increases employee moral while relieving employee stress. New ideas like this implore employee happiness and gratification.

This infographic demonstrates how all these idea come together, and explores the benefits of expanding the office dynamics.

The Science of Taste

Taste is a beautiful and mysterious thing that gives every person a unique experience with flavor and food. As food lovers, we understand that taste includes numerous factors like temperature, texture, and of course flavor, but have you ever stopped to think about how your brain interprets all of that information? Lucky for you, we have and we put it all together in a single info-graphic.

The “Science of Taste” infographic below covers everything from the variables of taste to how food preferences are developed. Take a look to figure out why you have that insatiable sweet tooth or why you’ve always had a palate for more complex flavor and what happens inside your body when you indulge!

The History of Autism

The History of Autism

Autism has growing awareness, but do you really know what Autism is? This is an infographic that defines the condition, shows some symptoms of the condition and how it has progressed through out history. Whether you have a child with special needs or work with children with special needs, it is important to be informed and aware.

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Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of His Life and Times


My name is Brandon and I am an intern at a PR agency. I came across your website while looking for blogs that write about business and marketing. You provide some valuable insights that made me a regular reader so thank you for that.

Apart from just saying thanks, I also wanted to share with you an infographic that I found on Pinterest and thought it might be interesting for your readers too.

I found a lot of facts about Stephen Hawking in this infographic and thought it deserves to be seen by more people to really appreciate this influential personality of our times.

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