How are musicians using the iPad?

According to statistics taken from Facebook’s Advertising Tool, approximately 7.5% of guitarists, bassists, pianists, drummers, and vocalists own an iPad. Bassists were reported as the lowest iPad users at 6.27% ownership, while pianists were the highest users at 8.73% ownership.
The popularity of the iPad within the music community has largely been attributed to the quality and variety of native applications designed to offer musician a new selection of creative and convenient ways to compose, perform, record, and learn.
Since launching in 2010, the iPad has been adopted by many professional musicians including world-class keyboardist, Jordan Rudess.
In an interview on MacLife about using iPad apps to create music, Jordan said:
“We live in an age when distortion is king. And while there are some purists who will always look for the highest-end solutions for making music, I’ve started breaking out my iPad in concert with Dream Theater, and no one has complained yet!”





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