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  • If I Only Had a Dollar

    If I Only Had a Dollar

    Economist published “The Big Mac Index” a lighthearted approach to analyzing the difference between actual prices and exchange rates. Starting from this, here are some updated stats on the cost of the Big Mac in different countries and, for comparison, what 1 US dollar can get you.

  • Americans at Work: The Best and Worst Jobs

    Americans at Work: The Best and Worst Jobs

    Most Americans spend more time on the job than they do on anything else.

  • America’s Battle With Obesity

    America’s Battle With Obesity

    America’s Battle With Obesity. One-third of children are overweight or obese and more than one-third of adults are obese in America. States are stepping in with legislation to counter the issue, but is America still headed for a plus-sized health crisis?

  • Is America a Nation of Java Junkies?

    Is America a Nation of Java Junkies?

    Amazing, but true: Some substance abuse clinics already view caffeine as a potentially hazardous substance and do not allow patients or employees to bring the contraband into the facility.

  • Relationships In America

    Relationships In America

    Are women caught in a war between evolution and careers?

  • Life in America: 1983 vs Today

    Life in America: 1983 vs Today

    A great infographic showcasing some numbers that compare life America 30 years ago with what’s going on right now in the States.

  • The Truth Hurts

    The Truth Hurts

    A new study from Harris Interactive reveals the vast majority of people experience muscle and joint pain- and in more than one place. This infographic explores who’s hurting, where and how they deal with it.

  • Safe for work?

    Safe for work?

    Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you for the interesting content you put up every time and, just to pay it forward, also share an interesting infographic I came across that you might have missed. Office Germs: Safe for Work? Hope you like it and find it relevant enough to share with your readers.…

  • Marijuana in America

    Marijuana in America

    Do you think marijuana should be legalized in the U.S.? This infographic gives you more insight into the pot debate and lets you know a little more about who actually uses it.

  • Renting ‘Round the U.S.

    Renting ‘Round the U.S.

    People are constantly moving for one reason or another and it’s hard to know if there’s an apartment or home available in the city they’re moving to. If you’re planning to relocate for your career or simply eyeballing your dream location, it is helpful to know there’s a rentable place with your name on it.…