Ultimate Guide to Leather

What does Louis Vuitton, Testoni, and Hermes have in common? Well, aside from being the top brands in their industry, they all brought the most expensive leather products to the fashion world.

Leather is a classic material commonly used in high-end fashion. From shoes to bags to clothing to accessories, this premium commodity has charmed the market for its exquisite quality and timeless beauty. However, it’s also important to note that fashion is not the only industry that leather has conquered.

This infographic illustrates the many fascinating uses of leather that we encounter everyday. It likewise shows the best animal sources for leather and the best products that can be manufactured out of them. Fun and informative, this material will show you how leather is utilized not only in fashion, but in other trades like home furnishing and production of sports equipment, as well.

Cat Astrology: Cat Traits by Zodiac Sign

We all love our pets. Well, since cats are such a large part of our lives, it’s important that we know their moods, attitudes, and personalities. Each cat is unique, and just like people, we can learn a lot about our cats by knowing their birthdate. This Cat Astrology infographic, with personality traits by the cat’s horoscope sign, can help! With these descriptions, you’ll understand your cat more fully and be able to relate to them better as well. Compare your own zodiac sign with your cat’s astrological sign for optimal compatibility.

The Endangered Species in Africa

While around 18,000 new animal, insect or plant species are discovered yearly, other species are on the edge of extinction — including some that are newly discovered and others that have been around in some form for million of years. The African continent alone has more than four large mammals whose populations are, for the most part, declining at a worrisome pace. They include the gorilla, elephant, lion and rhino. Here is the current status of endangered animals in Africa.

Myths and Facts about Pests

It surprising how little people know about the unwanted guests in their homes. And often the things they know are not quite accurate. Some of the most famous facts about pests are actually myths! For example: mice don’t like cheese .. at all.

Great Danger for the Great White Shark

The general consensus is that there are between 3000-5000 great white sharks. However, through a comprehensive five-year study conducted in Gansbaai (which has the densest population of great whites in the world) results show that there could be approximately 50% of this original figure. On a global scale, this puts great whites closer to extinction than the black rhino…

The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in Australia

Australia is one country that is home to many of the most dangerous animals in the world. For a lot of people it’s one of the first things that comes to mind when Australia is mentioned and for good reason. Australia has deadly snakes, spiders, sharks, crocodiles and jellyfish among others that you would not want to meet in the wild.

This infrographic illustrates the top ten most dangerous animals in Australia. Most of the animals on the list you would expect to be there but others may surprise you.

The list was originally created by the Australian Museum in Sydney and the parameters for the their research were based on the threat posed by each animal as well as how likely you would be to come across them in the wild.

From Wolf to Wag: The Evolution of the Dog

Most people have some vague notion of wolves and dogs being related species, but how can the ever-so-cute/ugly pug be related to the majestic grey wolf? This infographic from Invisible Fence details the process, and covers recent data on dog ownership trends and more.