50 Incredible Facts About Water Infographic

Our 50 Incredible Facts About Water Infographic communicates our passion for pure water and the environment. It features 50 incredible facts about water and takes you on a journey from outer space into the average home in the UK. It covers everything from rainfall in Scotland to the International Space Station, from a Sunday Newspaper to Martian dirt.

The infographic was designed by Jessica Webb, a designer based in the UK, for Aquatec – the Pure Water People as a teaching tool and shareable resource.

Myths and Facts about Pests

It surprising how little people know about the unwanted guests in their homes. And often the things they know are not quite accurate. Some of the most famous facts about pests are actually myths! For example: mice don’t like cheese .. at all.

Recycling Glass, Why Bother?

An infographic which shows interesting facts all about recycling glass, for example did you know in 2001, by recycling glass we saved enough energy to launch 10 space missions?! Put together by Pattesons Glass Ltd, supplier of glass jars and bottles.

50 Unbelievable Facts About Earth

Earth is the largest of the Solar System’s four terrestrial planets. It is around 4.54 billion years old and is home to approximately 7 billion people. Our infographic looks at some of the amazing diversities that make up our planet.

World Languages: Facts and Numbers

We’d like to introduce an infographic that provides some interesting information about world languages. Here you will find the answers to such popular questions as: how many languages are there in the world? what are the most popular languages? how many languages do people use in different countries? Also you will learn a couple of interesting and surprising facts about world languages and about English language in particular which is the most popular language in the world. We promise that these amazing facts and numbers will wow you! So why don’t you check out the infographic and share your opinion with us!

Hungry Traveller: Foodie Facts

Hotels4u mascot Harry has been destination hopping, testing his taste-buds and being a true traveller. We’ve followed his journey documenting on his favourite cuisines including some very odd but traditional dishes. He’s offloaded his food knowledge to us so here’s what he learnt…