The Effects of Diet and Exercise on the Human Body

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How to save up to $2000 on your 2015 flight ticket

With Christmas and New Years over, it’s time to think about saving for that 2015 holiday you’ve been dreaming about. ExpressVPN took time out of our Christmas holidays to find some secret tips and tricks to hack your way to cheaper air fares.

Tips for Cheaper air tickets

We used our Windows VPN app to change our IP location and see what the fare differences were using a flight on Expedia.

The Strategy Behind Google’s Most Expensive Acquisitions

Google has acquired over 170 businesses since their launch in 1998 and are still continuing to to this very day. Their top 10 most expensive acquisitions have amounted to over $24.5 billion with more buyouts in the horizon.

But with so many money spent, do we actually know the strategy behind all these acquisitions. We take a look at the top 10 most expensive acquisitions and why Google bought them.

Different Types of Kids Play

Little ones today play most likely the same way kids of the old days. They love role playing game, dress up as fairy tale characters or robots. They also like the make-up conversation with their toys like barbies, animals in the farm, or as if they are talking to somebody with their telephone. By allowing them to spend their time to play, rest assured you’re giving them the time of their lives as they are going through their childhood stage.

Play is necessary in child’s development due to the benefits they acquired for their physical, psychological, social, spiritual and emotional growth. It may seem like a mere kid’s play but there’s a lot of action going on during the process.

To help you have the ideas about kids play that will benefit your children,, the leading resources of after school activities in UAE made an infographic, that discuss types of play:

8 Social Media Rules Kids Should Follow

The internet is fast and growing, it has changed the way of life for many people. Access to the internet has become easier today, with the help of modern technology, internet access is now one click away – desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and phablets. Access on the internet for many is like an air for their breathing, they can’t live without it. Indeed internet is an information highway, a big open space for people all around the world to use.

Enter social media, a very easy networking and communication tool. It allows people to stay connected to their friend and family even if they are on a distance. Indeed it has changed our daily lives.

The problem with the internet and social media, it can get out of control. Our kids are now more accessible to abusive content which might harm them more than help them. So how do we control our kids and protect them from the dangers?

Here are eight social media rules that kids should follow (created by, the leading resource of after school activities in Dubai):

2014/15 Men’s Underwear Trends

Garçon Model underwear conducted an in-depth survey where they questioned 1,000 men about their underwear habits. The results revealed an in-depth analysis of the relationship between men and their undies. Some of the findings are surprising and insightful: 10% of men own between 50-500 pairs of underwear 70% of men say their undies make them feel good about themselves 41% of men prefer briefs Over 50% of men spend more than $80 on underwear a year, 2 third of men wear a different underwear at the gym.

The Rise of the Internet of Things

How many “things,” including your body, can you communicate with through a device? And will a smartwatch become more like a wearable woven into your garments, contact lenses or implanted into your body?

Whatever the eventual device, it is manufacturers that play a lead role in translating technologies into new products for tomorrow.

10 Bizarre Inventions That Never Made It To Your Home

We all hear about the popular inventions that made it commercially. It makes sense that we do, since well… they made it. However, have you ever wondered about the inventions that never made it?

Here are 10 of the most bizarre inventions made for your home that never took off and were deemed as failures.

Can you see yourself using any of these inventions in your home today?