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  • Get Gorgeous Now: Six Amazing Beauty Hacks

    Get Gorgeous Now: Six Amazing Beauty Hacks

    It’s no surprise that beauty has fast grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the decades. As most women know, the range of hair products, skin potions, and cosmetics available at any drugstore or mall is enormous.

  • Then vs Now: Technology in Schools

    Then vs Now: Technology in Schools

    This infographic shows a timeline of technology in schools from the year 1900 to today. To say a lot has changed is a gross understatement.

  • Making the Grade: Great Teachers in Our Schools

    Making the Grade: Great Teachers in Our Schools

    The teaching profession is one of the most important careers in existence. Teachers have a direct contribution to the development of our children. Without them, society would have little hope of ever seeing another Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, so the importance of teachers cannot be overstated. Check out this infographic for some other interesting…

  • Classroom Technology

    Classroom Technology

    Although it has become obvious that technology can now offer very effective supplemental tools for the classroom, many schools have yet to allow electronic devices in the classroom. Check out this infographic to learn more about this issue that our educational system faces.

  • One Nation Under Gov

    One Nation Under Gov

    The U.S. educational system isn’t perfect. In fact, we’re far from being identified with perfection in any form. When you analyze the track records of educational systems in other developed nations across the world (such as Finland and Canada), it becomes obvious that the U.S. desperately needs to make some major improvements in the quality…

  • Literacy in America

    Literacy in America

    The hard truth is people have to be able to read and write, or they’re going to be at a severe disadvantage in life. And adults who live in the United States are no exception. In fact, 93 million American adults have limited reading and quantitative skills. Adults need strong literacy skills in order to…

  • The Cost of Going Back to School

    The Cost of Going Back to School

    Mums and dads spend an average of £3,978.40 a year per child on school essentials with the cost of uniforms, stationery, transport, lunches and day trips all adding up. A cool infographic from Savoo.co.uk