5 Ways To Market Your Sports Team

In the world of modern sport, a team is not just a team, it’s a brand. As much as the team enjoy playing, and as much as the team’s management are passionate about the sport, they need to make money to carry on doing what they love. The good news is it’s pretty easy to market your sports team once you know how. Sports fans are some of the most devoted and enthusiastic fans, and knowing how to market your team to them, and to potential new fans, will help to maximise the profitability of your sports brand…

The Most Unforgettable Sporting Accidents

We have put together a list of the most unforgettable sporting accidents including dislocations, brain damage and severed arteries.

The infographic takes a look at some of the worst sporting injuries of all time, but highlights the sheer determination and hard work of the athletes as they return to the sport they are most passionate about.

30 celebrities you did not know had a black belt in judo, karate and taekwondo

You are not alone if you’ve caught that Putin is reasonably badass judo . You are not alone if you’ve caught that Chuck Norris is the ultimate badass. But what about Sean Connery?

Did you know that he has a black belt in karate? Or did you know that the king himself had a black belt in karate? It surprised certainly us to Sean Connery, Elvis and several other celebrities have a black belt, so we decided to make a graphic with 30 celebrities who all have a black belt.


15 martial arts and 182 belts – here’s belt colors for karate, judo, taekwondo and other martial arts

It can be quite difficult to grasp the many belts and belt colors found Inside is martial arts . For that you will soon find out, there is no comprehensive system applicable everywhere.

Actually, there is not even any guarantee that the black belt is the highest you can achieve. Depending on what you are training, it can be highly a completely different color than black!

History of the NBA jersey

Over the years, the NBA Jersey has evolved. The style, the material, the sponsoring companies have all changed over time. Fabric has evolved from thick polyester, to lighter weight, more breathable materials. Shorts have gone from short to long based on athlete preferences. This past season we saw another change as the Golden State Warriors added sleeves to their jersey. This infographic shows how the NBA jersey has changed over the years.

How to Bomb Your Drives

Ever wonder why you can’t seem to perfect your golf game? Or have you been trying to get that left hook out of your drive? This infographic displays body position, swing direction, and impact angel to optimize your golf drive.
A large part of being a great golfer is having the body and core strength to properly execute your shots. This infographic also depicts some great strength building exercises to help you gain the necessary strength efficiently and effectively. Whether you practice the sport for pleasure or for business, Golf has been a pastime for decades and is a skill that can last you a lifetime.

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Preventing Concussions in Sports

In the field of athletics, a common dialogue of coaches, administrators, athletes, and the media surrounds player safety and concussions. Although the majority of concussions are not associated with a loss of consciousness, the long term affects of these sometimes minor traumatic brain injuries can be devastating. Concussions can occur in many sports, with the NCAA rating Women’s Hockey as the collegiate sport with the highest rate of reported concussions.