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  • Travel Technology is Taking Off

    Travel Technology is Taking Off

    During the holidays, the number of travelers increases over 50% and about 3.5 million head abroad. With so many people on the go, how is technology improving the ease and comfort of travel?

  • The Rise of the Internet of Things

    The Rise of the Internet of Things

    How many “things,” including your body, can you communicate with through a device? And will a smartwatch become more like a wearable woven into your garments, contact lenses or implanted into your body? Whatever the eventual device, it is manufacturers that play a lead role in translating technologies into new products for tomorrow.

  • Health, Happy, Nerdy

    Health, Happy, Nerdy

    Digital fitness is exploding in 2014, with new smartphone apps and wearable technologies created nearly every day. According to a recent study, the number of adults using smartphones to monitor their heath grew from 61 million to 75 million in 2012, and is projected to increase more than threefold by the end of 2014. Take…

  • CES 2014 in Numbers by Bell Pottinger Wired

    CES 2014 in Numbers by Bell Pottinger Wired

    Research by Bell Pottinger Wired, one of the UK’s leading digital consultancies, reveals that this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was mentioned more than 1.5 million times online, across media sites, blogs, forums and social networks, such as Twitter. Insights into online conversations around the event, held in Las Vegas on 7 to 10 January…