Your Baby’s Size Week by Week

The infographic is divided into the three trimesters of pregnancy. In each trimester, there are cute and humorous illustrations comparing baby’s growth to a fruit or vegetable for each and every week. From a poppyseed to a plum, to a sweet potato and all the way through to a jackfruit, let this infographic guide you to a better understanding and anticipation of this fruitful journey towards motherhood.

The Bump and the Grind

A helpful infographic about your baby’s daily evolution. From a tiny mass of cells through to a full well-developed baby, let this colorful and informative infographic guide you to understanding the weekly changes taking place in your body during pregnancy.

The best way to employ your body language to seduce women

How you employ your dynamics is what other individuals use to develop their first impression of you. If you learn the way to use your body language to attract women you’ll have the upper hand before you even talk to her. You’ll get the outcomes you want, by simply communicating to the girls what you want, before you actually approach her. It is really difficult to get good returns when you do not know how to correctly transmit and employ your body language to seduce girls.

The following is how you transmit this constructive public identity.

Are Women Bad Drivers?

Are women actually bad drivers or is it just a stereotype? This infographic was done based on the research of the Michigan University and it gives us statistics on difference in driving between men and women. Who is more likely to crash? In which situations? What are the main characteristics and flaws of male and female drivers? Check out the infographic to answer these questions.

Women vs Men: Who’s the Better Investor?

The ultimate question: Men or Women? We’re breaking it to pieces (investment-wise) in our new rplan infographic. Wonder who makes more rational decisions or who’s the bigger risk-taker? Who does research and who asks around for advice? Want to know who is the better investor? All that and much more in the latest ‘Men vs. Women’ infographic. Check it out!