A chilli a day keeps the doctor away

Here is a cool infographic that gives us a good and easy-to-understand breakdown of how a chilli a day can keep the doctor away.

We are all familiar with the red hot and spicy chilli and how it can carve a scorching path down our throats, but not all of us are familiar with the incredible health properties that have been known to work wonders from helping cure the common cold to cancer.

Chilli is good for the body for several reasons. Chilli helps with blood circulation and helps you avoid heart attacks and strokes. The heat in chilli helps with inflammation of the sinuses and drives away those sniffles. Chilli can also help with general pain and muscle pain. It has also been known to help with diabetes and cancer. It also helps raise one’s rate of metabolism.

Chilli contains vitamins such as vitamin C, B-6, A, and vitamin D. This hot and spicy fruit has so much vitamin D that it can help athletes by reducing the risk of injury.

The featured infographic reveals more interesting and helpful facts about chilli. The infographic specifically talks about the key ingredient called capsaicin—the key active ingredient that makes all these health benefits possible.


December 10th, 2012 comments Food & Health Infographics

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