Big Guys of IT

Information technology has more influence on our society that one might think. They are everywhere. Such industries as entertainment, education, medicine, banking and lots of others are totally based in information technologies. The IT industry is everywhere in our everyday life. Whether your are browsing the Internet, listen to music on your music player, watching TV, calling your friends with a cellphone, traveling with a plane or making purchases online all these and lots of other things are possible thanks to Information technology advances.

There are less than 20 companies though that rule the world of IT. Those giants drive the progress and help create related sectors and allied industries with millions of work places. The competition and cooperation between these companies make the IT evolution even more rapid and effective. Thanks to IT stars like Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Sony, Dell, IBM, Amazon and others our society can enjoy the economic growth and well-being of individuals engaged in a variety of jobs starting from a mom blogger to a NASA engineer. A web design and development firm QuartSoft Corp. has created a cool infographic dedicated to some most popular IT companies that impact our lives.



September 16th, 2014 comments Technology Infographics

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