How to plan your travel budget in top European destinations

In which European cities will your travel money go furthest? Which cities have the cheapest accommodation? How much should you allow for eating, drinking and getting around? How much will basic groceries cost? How much can you save if you use self-catering accommodation? carried out extensive research this summer to determine the answer to these questions, in order to build up a picture of which European cities provide the most wallet-friendly options for a trip, and created this infographic to display the results.

• The study was carried out during August 2013, with all prices and exchange rates valid on 30.08.13
• Information about transport costs was sourced from municipal public transport authorities. In cities that did not have a 24 or 48 hour travelcard, the cost of 10 single tickets was included.
• Food and drink costs were researched via online supermarket in each country, plus price comparison websites, and media reports from the respective destinations
• The average price of an apartment was researched from a total of 9,305 apartamentos (average 443 apartments per city), comparing the average price based on two sharing. Hotel information was researched from Numbeo.

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