Six Productivity Hacks Backed by Science

It’s safe to say that all of us would like to maximize our productivity to help us keep up with the challenges of study and work. The issue of productivity has been extensively researched and CourseFinder is happy to bring it to you by means of this readable infographic. Want to be more productive? Take the cue from the best violinists in the world and organize your activity following the ultradian rhythm. The infographic also shows why multitasking isn’t really going to work if you’ve got many things to do and just one brain to do them all. Napping, however, is another story – the resource will show you how to nap and boost your cognitive capabilities, memory, alertness and reaction time. We all know that a healthy, fit body is key to improved productivity, but how can we exercise at work? Don’t worry, this infographic will help you to do that and reach your maximum potential and improve your brain performance. The compilation will also show you why music is important in enhancing productivity and why watching cute YouTube animals can help you to be more careful and attentive when completing your daily tasks. A complete guide to unleashing your potential is now within your reach.



November 3rd, 2014 comments Motivational Infographics

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