How to write a resume for the $80k Professional

The one page resume you put together in high school might have landed you a lifeguarding job, but it will not get that $80,000 plus executive position today. It’ll sink right to the bottom of the hiring manager’s recycling bin.
If you’re trying to move up the corporate ladder, it’s time to give your resume a professional makeover.

Shortcuts To Land Your First Job

Hello – I wanted to share with you an infographic created by Collegefeed, to help students and new grads with the job-search process:

Collegefeed is a new social platform that acts like a personal career assistant to help students and new grads find their dream jobs. Collegefeed takes a new turn from the traditional network, as it is designed solely for new grads and is a way for them to brand themselves professionally for the first time using their college experience. Collegefeed offers tools that go beyond simply viewing a connection’s contacts or a university page, but puts students in front of a company–Facebook, Google, Go Daddy, and many others–that are looking to fill entry level positions. Additionally, Collegefeed includes a Netflix-like recommendation engine that suggests companies and positions (and now fellow students) based on a person’s degree, interests and other factors.

Please let me know if I can send additional information and I hope you like the information!

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A Grad’s Guide to Freelancing

If you are a graduate looking for work, why not consider becoming a freelancer? Our infographic has lots of helpful advice on entering this exciting marketplace. Follow our guide and use a free DIY website builder such as Moonfruit and you could have a new career.

How To Nail Your Entry-Level Job Search

You’ve got a 4.0, created the perfect resume, and established a flawless network of connections, but it takes a lot more than these things to gain the attention of employers. Today more than ever before, competition is fierce in the entry-level job market. As an entry-level job seeker, you’ve got to go above and beyond to outshine other job applicants.

There’s no magic formula for catching the attention of every employer, but there are several ways you can gain an edge during your job search. The following infographic, compiled by InternMatch, an online platform connecting the best intern candidates and employers, showcases some job search facts and measures you should be taking to land your entry-level job before the rest of your graduating class.

How Satisfying is your Degree? Best Paying University Degrees

Choosing which university degree to study is one of the most important decisions you will make in your career, its hard to know if your chosen subject will be of interest to you, whether it will aid you in getting your desired job or provide you with the career opportunities you desire.

That’s why we surveyed over 500 Australian professionals to see which university choices resulted in the:
– Highest degree satisfaction
– Best salaries
– Biggest bonuses

We have visualised the key data collected and have produced an infographic to help you understand which degree could potentially lead to the greatest career satisfaction for you.

Help us spread the word about the affect degree choices have on career satisfaction by sharing it amongst you family, friends & colleagues.

which career is right for me

Vista College – Start Your New Career Today!

In just a few months you can train to enter enter the most exciting and rewarding careers in the economy right now by earning your Associate Degree, Diploma, or Certificate in an exciting career field.

Our goal is to ensure your success! That’s why we offer flexible career programs with Day and Night schedules with classes starting every 5 weeks to fit your busy life. We also offer Online Programs for an even greater flexibility. Your life does not have to be placed on hold while training for your new career!

Where Do You Stand?

With student debt on the rise, many graduates are finding that the high cost of their education might eclipse their earning potential. If you’ve found yourself saddled with debt for a low-paying major, there is hope for your career yet. Below, we explore the average starting salaries by major, which industries are paying the most, and how to make yourself appealing to them.