Shortcuts To Land Your First Job

Hello – I wanted to share with you an infographic created by Collegefeed, to help students and new grads with the job-search process:

Collegefeed is a new social platform that acts like a personal career assistant to help students and new grads find their dream jobs. Collegefeed takes a new turn from the traditional network, as it is designed solely for new grads and is a way for them to brand themselves professionally for the first time using their college experience. Collegefeed offers tools that go beyond simply viewing a connection’s contacts or a university page, but puts students in front of a company–Facebook, Google, Go Daddy, and many others–that are looking to fill entry level positions. Additionally, Collegefeed includes a Netflix-like recommendation engine that suggests companies and positions (and now fellow students) based on a person’s degree, interests and other factors.

Please let me know if I can send additional information and I hope you like the information!

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