IT And The Internet: The Last 30 Years

The internet has come a long way in the last 30 years. Remember, we can now order pizza : ) directly from our computers and mobile devices.
To celebrate the miracle of the internet led revolution we decided to create an infographic detailing the major breakthroughs since 1984 and up to now.

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The Strategy Behind Google’s Most Expensive Acquisitions

Google has acquired over 170 businesses since their launch in 1998 and are still continuing to to this very day. Their top 10 most expensive acquisitions have amounted to over $24.5 billion with more buyouts in the horizon.

But with so many money spent, do we actually know the strategy behind all these acquisitions. We take a look at the top 10 most expensive acquisitions and why Google bought them.

Tech Cold War: Facebook vs. Google

Giant tech mavericks Facebook and Google are at war. They are ferociously vying for YOUR attention! Their weapons of ensnarement are apps, social media platforms, gadgets, and ads. While they both spend billions on innovations and top-notch talent, their strategies for rising to the top are different. This infographic delves into the timeline of Facebook and Google’s battle for digital domination.

6 Organizations That Secretly Run the Internet

When it comes to the Internet, conspiracy theories abound. Some are decidedly tongue-in-cheek (such as Google’s impending creation of a SkyNet-style robot dictatorship), while others, such as the enduring and omnipresent threat of Illuminati control, are taken very seriously (at least by those who believe in them). This infographic delves into the possible puppeteers that make the internet dance!

Happy 3rd Birthday Snapchat

Social media is a huge part and there have been many developments in recent years in this area. Facebook is now 10 years old and Snapchat, even at a young three years old is becoming a major player, though it has yet to make any revenue!

Data Driven Ecommerce

This infographic shows some of the key metrics regarding the size of the ecommerce market, figures regarding mobile commerce, how search affects ecommerce, social media and ecommerce, ecommerce conversion rates, ecommerce retention rates, coupons and discounts and drop shipping.

Internet Consumption Around the World

2013 marked the first year that there are more mobile internet devices than humans. How do you consume the internet? See in this infographic what are the regions that consume the most internet, where is the fastest and what is the behavior of today’s internet users.

How to Start a Startup in College

Do you have a money making idea and you’re still young? There’s a chance for you yet. Many important companies like Facebook and Google were founded around colleges and became some of the biggest mammoths online. To see why college is such an attractive environment and what’s the route to build your own startup, check out the following infographic!

It’s the Web’s 29th Anniversary! – A Brief History

March 15, 2014 – the world is celebrating the web’s 29th anniversary! Do you know how it all started? At the end of 1985 there were just 6 registered domain names. By 2013 this number has skyrocketed to 265 million!!!

Just listen to this:

– Most expensive domain was sold for the price of $35 million.
– One man was able to register almost 15,000 domains in just 24 hours.
– There is no other possible combination of four-character .com domain names that is not yet registered.

What to learn more? Then this eye candy Infographic designed by InfoGraphic Design Team will tell you about the most important milestones in the domain name’s history.

And by the way, have you already heard that in 2014 more than 100 new generic top-level domains had been added, like .music, . cars, .apple or .hyundai.? We suggest there should be one for .infographic!!!