It’s the Web’s 29th Anniversary! – A Brief History

March 15, 2014 – the world is celebrating the web’s 29th anniversary! Do you know how it all started? At the end of 1985 there were just 6 registered domain names. By 2013 this number has skyrocketed to 265 million!!!

Just listen to this:

– Most expensive domain was sold for the price of $35 million.
– One man was able to register almost 15,000 domains in just 24 hours.
– There is no other possible combination of four-character .com domain names that is not yet registered.

What to learn more? Then this eye candy Infographic designed by InfoGraphic Design Team will tell you about the most important milestones in the domain name’s history.

And by the way, have you already heard that in 2014 more than 100 new generic top-level domains had been added, like .music, . cars, .apple or .hyundai.? We suggest there should be one for .infographic!!!


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