SpareFoot’s Best of Albuquerque

Albuquerque, New Mexico is a city that punches above its weight. At just over a half-million residents, Albuquerque is only the 32nd most-populous city in the United States, but the city’s idiosyncratic local cuisine, its hip local bars and eclectic music scene, its world-class museums and world-renowned events, and perhaps most importantly, its spectacular desert vistas, all put Albuquerque on par with cities twice its size. For that reason, SpareFoot went out in search of the best of the best in this unique, fascinating city.

We asked Albuquerqueans to vote for their favorite events, restaurants, bars, museums and more in Albuquerque. Here’s what they chose as the Best of Albuquerque.

You Brain on Music

We here at Snapverse are huge believers in the power of music. In fact, we believe that music makes everything better. Not just moments or our mood, but, as science proves, music has the power to significantly enhance our brains. Forget therapy, that yoga retreat or your daily Sudoku; check out this infographic to see all the ways that music makes us smarter, happier and generally feel better. This is your brain on music.

Thank you for taking the time to check it out!

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Austin Texas in the place to be

Music lovers and foodies rejoice Austin is a haven for bands, festivals, and food of all kinds. It’s also brimming with opportunity for employment and entrepreneurship. If you live in Austin, you know how great it is. If you don’t, just stop by and take a look and feel it and see the fantastic city for your self.

How are musicians using the iPad?

According to statistics taken from Facebook’s Advertising Tool, approximately 7.5% of guitarists, bassists, pianists, drummers, and vocalists own an iPad. Bassists were reported as the lowest iPad users at 6.27% ownership, while pianists were the highest users at 8.73% ownership.
The popularity of the iPad within the music community has largely been attributed to the quality and variety of native applications designed to offer musician a new selection of creative and convenient ways to compose, perform, record, and learn.
Since launching in 2010, the iPad has been adopted by many professional musicians including world-class keyboardist, Jordan Rudess.
In an interview on MacLife about using iPad apps to create music, Jordan said:
“We live in an age when distortion is king. And while there are some purists who will always look for the highest-end solutions for making music, I’ve started breaking out my iPad in concert with Dream Theater, and no one has complained yet!”