The Typical Cost of a Wedding

The Cost of a Wedding can be expensive; costs can spiral out of control quickly. But a wedding does not have to be an ultra-expensive affair…

There are few things in everyday life that are more expensive than a wedding. In the midst of a credit crunch everyone wants to save money where they can. Paying for a wedding is especially hard for young couples, often they have to decide between marriage or a mortgage.

Some may have to borrow money to pay for their wedding, either through loans or credit cards, even borrowing from family and friends. Couples may sometimes ask for money as a wedding gift, with some using this money to pay off their wedding debts.

Couples sometimes have to cut their Honeymoon short because of the wedding costs. Choosing to spend a long weekend in the country rather than the traditional 2 week holiday away somewhere more exotic.

Usually the most expensive part of a wedding is the venue. This is where UK Wedding Savings can help. We specialize in helping engaged couples save money on the their wedding venues. We offer unique wedding venue packages that are tailor made to suit your needs. The best part being, they all come with great savings. Some with up to 60% off original retail price.



October 3rd, 2014 comments Financial Infographics

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