Valentines Day Gifting

It’s supposedly the most romantic day of the year which means gifts a-plenty and cupid’s arrows on auto-fire. But whether its finger bling or flowers, have you ever wondered what it all means? And more importantly, in the cross-pond battle of the sexes, who spends the most in the pursuit of lurrve?
Uncover the following about Valentine’s Day gifting:
UK vs. US- Who spends the most, guys or girls?
Ladies and Gents: Who is Valentine’s Day really for?
Behind the gifts: Why do men spend more on Valentine’s Day?
What Women don’t want: The worst possible gifts on Valentine’s Day
How much are you spending on Valentine’s Day?
Always remember that it’s the personal touch and the little thoughtful gestures that count!
Happy Valentine’s Day!



February 13th, 2015 comments Funny Infographics

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