12 Easy Steps to Throwing the Perfect Kids Party

Consider this infographic as a checklist for a kids birthday party. With this information, you will be able to have everything under control from budgeting, food, party activities, right down to the smallest detailssuch as party favours and decor. MadFun know that getting ready for a party can be stressful for you, as they are parents and have had to organise their own children’s parties in the past. Hopefully this infographic will ensure you send your guests home happy and have put smiles on all of children’s faces (or paint it on), but most importantly, that you will be able to create a fun and memorable experience for your own child that will be remembered for the years to come.

MadFun is the ultimate kids party place that provides the added benefit of a disco experience, face painting, and craft activities. All partygoers are covered for any health emergency issues as well as staff being first-aid certified. With this being said, MadFun has ample experience when it comes to hosting the perfect kids party, whether it is for a birthday or a special occasion such as a Halloween party. They remove the headache of setting up, organising, running, games, music and party food to ensure you can enjoy the party with the kids as well.


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