The Daily Commute In Your Rear View Mirror

For every 12 miles we drive, we average about a 25.1 minute commute. With many people traveling to work and school, people are looking for a way to maximize their free time and minimize their commute time.

About 88% of employers now are saying that workers need a higher level of education than before.With employers seeking workers with a higher education, a lot of employees are looking for a way to achieve that higher education without losing too much time or money to a long commute. One solution? Many employees are choosing to attend online schools. Why? More than 90% of students say that online courses are more flexible with their schedule than face-to-face schools. And a decrease in the amount of commute time, well, that’s an added bonus.

Pepperdine University presents this Infographic about the evolution of commuting. This infographic shows the evolution of our daily commute and how it has affected the decisions we make when choosing how we participate in school.





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