How to Grow Your Business with Online Video

Internet users are watching online video now more than ever. Online video, including TV shows, YouTube clips, advertisements, and tutorials are viewed by millions everyday. We now live in a world where a massive 200 billion videos are viewed online each and every month.

This popularity of video creates a chance to grow and promote your business online – simply through using video. It raises your company’s profile, communicates clearly and directly to your target audience, establishes your business as cutting edge and creates more traffic to your website.

Getting started

Successful video marketing is not as simple as whipping out your camera phone and putting a clip up on YouTube. A little bit of preparation will go a long way. Take 5 minutes, and answer some simple questions first: WHAT are you saying to WHOM, and WHY should they be interested – is always a great place to start. Video length – i.e. long and detailed, or short and snappy, is also an important consideration in growing and promoting your business with online video.

In this infographic below, we have gathered together some of the key reasons why video is so important to your business right now, and it lays out a simple 3-step process to start you on your path toward online video marketing superstardom!


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