Is Google + a Failure?

In the marketing community, we keep hearing about Google+ as the marketers dream platform.

Features such as Ripples and the Circles function do seem incredibly appealing. It’s fair to say that the audience segmentation and targeting options are unparalleled and in a marketer’s perfect world, everyone would be using the service.

But guys, I hate to piss on your rainbow, but no real people in the real world are using Google+.

Based on anecdotal and statistical information, it seems as though the only people that are truly involved in any sort of Google+ community are the people that stand to benefit from widespread uptake of the platform. That is never going to entice the masses into abandoning their longstanding relationship with Facebook, Twitter and their new BFF, Pinterest.

At the moment, Google+ is like a pool of piranhas. The piranhas in this metaphor being online marketers, waiting to segment, target and sell to any real person that dares to step into the water.

Is this the problem with Google+?

It has great features, millions of members and plenty of famous advocates – and yet it remains the much maligned ghost town of the internet. A digital Chernobyl – deserted and almost completely devoid of organic life.

How has it come to this? Well, as Google+ teeters on the precipice of epic fail territory, we decided to create an infographic documenting some of the most shocking Google+ statistics on the internet, as well as some stats sourced from magical maths inside my brainbox.





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