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  • Drinking Shoes

    Drinking Shoes

    People always worry about wearing the right dress for the right occasion, but what about matching the right shoes with the right drink? It might sounds weird but what you drink represents some features of your personality and so do shoes, that is why we propose you a funny infographic to help you choosing the…

  • The evolution of the Yummy

    The evolution of the Yummy

    You may have heard the term “Yummy” creeping into daily vernacular recently, and wondered what on earth people were talking about, so we decided to take a look back at how the Yummy came into being and found that similar male grooming habits date back to the 17th century. Our latest infographic delves into the…

  • Braided Festival Updo

    Braided Festival Updo

    Find your prefect festival hair style for spring/summer 2014 with Regis’s easy Step By Step hair tutorial infographics. Just as lineups are starting to be announced and early bird tickets are being released start thinking about your hair and wardrobe too! For more hair tips and advice head too..