10 Cures for Hangover : Alcohol Effect

Hangover is body’s reaction to the toxicity of alcohol. It is generally characterized by fatigue, depression, headache, dehydration, nausea among other things.

There are various forms of cures for hangover around the world and they differ from one geographical location to another. In Germany common cure for alcohol is pickled herring whereas in China it is strong green tea. In America, tomato juice is renowned as a cure and in Netherlands; the general cure of hangover is beer.

Once hangover strikes, the primary thing to do are keeping your body well hydrated by consuming a lot of liquids. Eating food rich in fructose also helps.

It is true that more than 90% of the people consume alcohol for celebrating an occasion or just to have a good time. But it also important to keep one’s own self in a little check. The harmful effects of alcohol reportedly kill 2.5 billion people each year, all over the world. Besides death, alcohol also causes intentional and unintentional injuries, cardiovascular problems, liver cirrhosis and many such fatal/almost fatal ailments and accidents.





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